Stoddard Road Physio
Post-Op Recovery

Stoddard Road Physio: Post-Op Recovery

Our Physios understand how disruptive and difficult an operation can be. We would like all our clients to feel comfortable and safe in our care, and our number one priority is always the patient.

When recovering from an operation, there are multiple stresses on the body. The physical, as well as the mental. Returning to work can feel daunting and expectations can weigh people down.

At Stoddard Road Physiotherapy, we completely understand these stresses and acknowledge them as part of a whole-body restoration programme which takes time and effort. We will always put our client first, and while some may need to be held back others will need a gentle (or sometimes firmer) push in the right direction.

We have full access to the gym, and we utilise this often when striving to meet our goals. A post-op rehabilitation programme requires a range of different exercises – from simple breathing cues and core activation, to specific muscle strengthening and postural/balance adjustments.

With almost 10 years of experience, our clinicians feel we are well placed to take on any post-op recovery or return to work programme, no matter how simple or complicated.

We also easily liaise with your surgeon, specialist, GP, OT, case manager and whoever else is involved in your recovery. We all play important roles in a patient’s rehab plan and effective communication is crucial to a stress-free and smooth recovery.