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Exercise Rehab

Stoddard Road Physio: Exercise Rehab

Exercise is the foundation of “physical therapy”. While there are many great rehab exercises online and on social media, they may not be suitable for the specific injury or healing stage a client may be in.

A personalised exercise program is crucial to making a full recovery and our therapists possess over 10 years of clinical experience in this field. This makes us an invaluable part of the recovery process and we are committed to designing the best possible rehab plan for each client.

We often use video analysis to record our client’s movement patterns before putting together a simple and easy to follow home or gym-based exercise program based on our findings.

Exercises will often be modified and progressed so that we are continuously challenging the body and striving for improvement.

We have full access to the gym across the road and you will often find us in there coaching and cheering on our clients to achieve their goals.